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Saturday 18 January 2020

AC Hotel by Marriott
Manchester City Centre
15 Mason Street
M4 5FT

Saturday 12th October 2019
AC Hotel Manchester, 15 Mason Street, Manchester, M4 5FT
Swap Slow Earning Buy To Let Properties For Serviced Accommodation And Generate 4X The Revenue!
(STILL With No Money Down…)
The Proper Way To Profit From Property:
Instead Of Earning £6,200 Over 6 Months David & Amanda Generated £24,248 With The SAME Property!
Amanda & David
David & Amanda have been landlords since 1999.

Like most, they started off following the “Buy 2 Let” model. But it didn’t take long to realise they would never be able to replace their incomes that way. 

Unlike the promised free flow of cash they expected… 

Instead, they encountered an agonising drip-feed.

Then, in 2014 the “no money down” strategy started to pop up everywhere.
Even if you’ve spent a short period of time in property, you’ll know what they're talking about.

And granted, it worked for them.

They acquired property without using any of their capital. Within the first 6 months they built up a £1 million property portfolio on Purchase Lease Options.

FINALLY they could replace their incomes!

But, although none of their own money was involved…
They Found They Were Paying The Price In Other Ways!
Due to the nature of the strategies, most of their properties were run-down, in run-down back streets, in run-down towns attracting terrible tenants.

If it wasn’t major work needing to be done on the house…

It was late nights spent talking to neighbours to try and settle the tensions.

Suddenly the label of a “Landlord” became too much to bear. They felt more like naggy parents, than profitable business people.

That’s when they discovered Serviced Accommodation!
Serviced Accommodation Showed David & Amanda How To Put Their Success On Steroids!
Like any cautious business owners, they wanted to dip their toe in the serviced accommodation water first.

Basically to see if serviced accommodation was all it was cracked to be…

Wow did it prove itself FAST.
For 6 months David & Amanda let out one of their houses to a local chemical company. They needed to house one of their scientists on a temporary location. 

It was perfect…

They had a scientist to help them with their little serviced accommodation experiment!

When they let out this particular property on a standard tenancy, they grossed £775/month.
Over 6 months that came to £6,200.

Their deal with the chemical company was £100/night for 6 months.

They would change the bedding once a week and pay the water, gas, electric, and council tax bills.
The total rental value for that booking was £24,248!
David & Amanda got nearly 4 times the amount.

Same property, same street, same appliances - just a “Serviced Accommodation” label!

To put it into perspective that’s nearly the average UK annual wage generated in 6 months...

On 1 property.

With 1 guest.

It allowed them to reinvest into bigger, better properties the kind they'd always dreamed of:

Penthouse apartments bang in the city centre.
It’s Not All Sunshine & Rainbows With Serviced Accommodation!
One of the reasons why David & Amanda host events like this is because it’s not always 100% smooth-sailing with serviced accommodation IF you approach it incorrectly.

Without a system, you can end up struggling with admin, staff, and guests.

It’s not like conventional property where you can get away with “winging it” using more basic property strategies.

They encountered all the horrors you can imagine...

They had ghastly guests, credit card chargebacks, rough reviews, and crappy cleaners. 

A huge amount of their time was wasted on the computer, righting other people’s wrongs and doing mind-numbing admin.

They knew something had to change. Fast! 
This was a different ball game to B2Ls and HMOs, so they needed an upgraded game-plan.

A new start was the only way David & Amanda were going to survive! 

So, they sacked every member of their unsupportive substandard staff...
And started again. 

They got in new suppliers, trained new housekeepers, and introduced some amazing systems to a brand new team of administration staff.

The team was set… so now they needed the property to match!

They used their expertise to acquire some beautiful penthouses in Leeds and Manchester.

They built what they call their “Ecosystem Of Interlinked Businesses,” and they've never looked back! 

Since swapping to Serviced Accommodation, they now have:
  • 6 related businesses
  • ​32 of their own apartments in 3 cities 
  • ​Working interest in 170 apartments UK wide
  • ​15 staff
AND they live their dream life on their farm in the countryside!

Goats, chickens, geese, cows, horses, rolling fields, relaxed evenings watching the sun setting across the hills… you name it, their farm has it! 

Now, David & Amanda want to create the same for YOU.
Introducing The Serviced Accommodation Kickstarter!
Take a look inside one of our events...
On the day you will learn:
  • Why there has never been a better time for SA and why landlords are desperate to leave B2L
  • ​Why clarity on your SA model is critical at the start and when scaling your business
  • ​How to find your goldmine area
  • ​How we source our properties and how you can do the same
  • ​How to design your property to maximise profitability 
  • ​How to market your property to attract guests 
  • ​How to systemise to simplify your SA business
  • ​Guest access solutions to save time and money
  • ​How to research your rivals and grab your share of guest demand
  • ​How to make your property POP to make guests book
  • ​Why direct bookings are so important and how we get them
Why Should You Listen To Them?
Nobody else they know of in the UK has an exclusive relationship with the developer they work with.

They have full exclusivity over their stock (2,000 apartments...)

They're also one of the only businesses in the UK that have formed a thriving Ecosystem of 6 businesses that interlink so flawlessly.

If their track-record isn’t enough…

Check out some testimonials of people they've helped in the past:
"David and Amanda are two exceptional people with a wealth of knowledge in the property world. I joined their property coaching group and the content is second to none. Not only this, but the support they provide both 1-2-1 and in group format is outstanding. Through their coaching I learned a lot about myself, mainly that I had to work on myself to become successful. David started me on my fitness and self improvement journey by asking me to exercise every day, and now I believe that this is something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life! I have made great friends in David and Amanda and also within the coaching group. If you need property coaching then these are the people to go to. Simple."
- John
"David is a fantastic coach who has a real passion for helping both his mentees and property clients. I felt an instant connection with the way David conducts his business; ethically and with a focus on solving the problem and creating value. In just one session with David I found myself armed with the tools I needed to get started right away, and an iron-clad guarantee that I’d be able to get any help I needed on my learning journey. David really does focus on giving you exactly what you need to be successful in property, which is pleasantly refreshing from the “one-size-fits-all” training that so many providers are offering. Spend your time learning with David, you definitely won’t be disappointed!"
- John McInally
"A lot of ‘coaches’ just tell you what they did to succeed and then leave you to get on with it on your own. David and Amanda are different, they understand what true coaching is. Yes, they give you all the knowledge you need, but they also actually coach you through the whole process of learning the skills you need to create your business, helping you through your specific issues and questions as you go. They genuinely care about your success, even to the point of jumping on calls with sellers with you when needed! I highly recommend coaching from David and Amanda for anyone looking to learn creative property sourcing strategies from the very best."

- Nikki Osborne
How Much Would You Pay To Make All Your Tenancy Troubles Go Away?
The combination of David & Amanda's system and short-term serviced accommodation is about as hassle-free as it gets for anyone in property:
  • ​You can wipe your hands clean of rack and ruin rentals, and replace them with posh penthouses in the city.
  • ​You can stop dealing with the tantrums of your tenants, and start getting compliments from your guests.
  • ​You can replace drip-feed monthly rent, for on tap nightly fees.
Serviced accommodation done in the way they want to teach you, keeps all the best bits about property…

AND cuts out all the bad bits that keep you up at night!

Your new Ecosystem will keep your high-profit business ticking over so smoothly you’ll be sleeping more soundly than ever.

Remember it’s 4 TIMES the earning potential too STILL with a “no money down” approach!
This swap is so valuable…

To your business…

To your life…

To your legacy…

They could charge you thousands for their serviced accommodation secrets, and people would happily pay it.
You're able to attend completely free!
You read that right.

The only catch?

Nearly every person in property wants to know their secrets once they find out about the goldmine that is Serviced Accommodation…

So, you’ll have to act NOW if you want to secure your seat for CERTAIN:
Saturday 12th October 2019
AC Hotel Manchester, 15 Mason Street, Manchester, M4 5FT

Saturday 18 January 2020

AC Hotel by Marriott
Manchester City Centre
15 Mason Street
M4 5FT

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